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Eye Bag Removal Surgery - Blepharoplasty Surgery Reviews



If you are one of those unfortunate people who suffer from constant eye bags and not only when you have a late night out, you are a candidate for eye bag removal surgery. This procedure is also called blepharoplasty.


It is fast becoming one of the most popular procedures today when it comes to cosmetic surgery, probably because having eye bags is a sure sign of aging. The theory behind this procedure is to remove the excess fat, as well as the excess skin and muscle, from both your lower and upper eye lids to lift drooping eyes and reduce puffy eye bags. You can have this procedure on its own or in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelift.




The procedure is to make an incision along the natural crease line of the upper eyelids, about one centimeter above the eyelashes. The incisions would extend into laugh lines or crow’s feet found at the outer corners of your eyes. The surgeon will separate the skin by working through the incision, removing all the excess fat and trimming the sagging skin and muscle. The incision will be closed using very fine, unnoticeable sutures.


The procedure to remove eye bags is pretty similar. The only difference is that the incision will start underneath the eyes, about one centimeter below the eyelashes. The surgeon will lift the skin upwards and outwards, tightening the area and removing the overlapping skin. Once again, the incision will be closed using very fine sutures that you’d barely notice.


The surgery normally takes about one and half to three hours under general anesthetic. It usually involves an overnight hospital stay so that the recovery is closely monitored, though it can be an outpatient procedure if only the upper or lower eyelids are operated upon.



Post Surgery Care

After blepharoplasty, the surgeon will lubricate your eyes using a special eye ointment and apply a bandage. You can expect bruising and swelling to happen for the first two weeks, although you can expect this to subside after ten days.


A lot of patients complain that their eyelids feel very dry at first, but you can always use eye drops to deal with this problem. The sutures are removed after five days, and you can expect a bit of scarring as a result. However, these scars will heal pretty well and will be unnoticeable in time.



Recovery From Surgery

The recovery time differs from patient to patient. It would be prudent for you to take a leave from work for at least 10 days after surgery, though some people need longer than that to completely recover. You would be instructed by your surgeon to keep all activities to a minimum for the first five days and avoiding strenuous activities for at least three weeks. This is to give your eyes enough time to completely recover.


Since this is an invasive surgery, you should only consider this procedure after doing much research. After all, surgery of any form involves specific risks. The effect will last for years.




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