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Can You Use Hemorrhoid Cream For Puffy Eye?



You’d be surprised at how many people use hemorrhoid cream in order to treat puffy eyes. Of course, hemorrhoid creams are meant to shrink blood vessels in a delicate area, so the idea is that it can also be used to constrict the inflamed blood vessels under the eyes.


But is this safe?

The answer is no


First of all, this is an off label use of the product, meaning it was never tested or approved for use in the eye area.


Second, your sensitive eye area may be allergic to hemorrhoid cream, causing painful and itchy rashes to develop.


Third, there may be serious consequences if you accidentally put some hemorrhoid cream in your eye.


Instead of using hemorrhoid cream, you can try home remedies such as putting caffeinated tea bags over your closed eyes, or ensuring that you sleep with your head elevated to minimize puffiness the next day.


You can also use an eye cream that is specifically formulated to treat puffy eyes instead of using a hemorrhoid cream that was specifically formulated to treat an entirely different thing.




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